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Potential analysis

What potential does your company have?

With the help of the instrument of strength-weakness analysis, we enable you to reliably classify your company.

In this way you can clearly identify where you should bring about changes in order to be even more present on the market and to generate new sales fields.

Expert opinions / valuations

As experts, we produce independent, impartial expert opinions and evaluations that are comprehensible to every reader.

These contain practical solutions – the basis for future economic or procedural decisions, banks, courts and insolvency administrators.

Strategic consulting

You will receive support from us in the long-term (re)orientation of your company.

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Interim management

If you are absent due to holidays or illness, we will help you to continue your business safely.

Thanks to many years of management experience, we are in a position to assume the function of managing director for your company at short notice.

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Utilization (sale / auction)

The sale of assets, machines and inventories is usually carried out within our extensive network.

Illustrated sales documents with all technical details worth knowing are prepared for this purpose.

In addition, we use the market-leading Internet platforms for fast and secure processing of the items for sale.

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Consulting in the crisis

Especially in times of crisis, business management consulting is in demand. In addition to the analysis of the causes, knowledge about the economic evaluation of a company and the preparation of realistic future forecasts is indispensable.

The primary objective is the restructuring of viable companies and the safeguarding of jobs.

We investigate competently and discreetly in the clarification of facts in order to prove the possibility of rescission in the event of delay in insolvency and economic offences.

During the sequestration we continue the management of the company on an interim basis.

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Restructuring and reorganization

In a time of growing competition and the associated slump in sales and earnings, for many companies there begins a creeping process of negative business development. If the downward trend is not counteracted at an early stage, this often ends in a crisis that threatens the very existence of the company.

If the company is viable, it is our goal to restructure and secure jobs.

In this situation, we show how by restructuring the downward trend can be stopped.

Corporate crises can often trigger new ideas and concepts and unleash undreamed forces. This often requires only an external impulse.

 Our services once again in a nutshell:

  • A brief diagnosis of the chances of remediation.
  • Analysis and elimination of factors that reduce success.
  • Reorientation of the corporate strategy.
  • Development and implementation of restructuring concepts.
  • Implementation and controlling of the restructuring concept.
  • Interim continuation of the company.
  • Handling of company sales.